Committee Contacts

Please try to post any general kunekune questions on the Forum where all the BKKPS members can offer to help.

The BKKPS Committee and Regional Reps are all unpaid volunteers and the society does not have a staffed office. Please consider this in your communications.

President Zoe Lindop
Chair Kevin Kersley
Society Secretary and Enquiries Dan Thomas
PR and Marketing Roy Templeton
Treasurer Maria Naylor
Dawn Waller

BKKPS Registrar, No. 26 The Wintles, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5ES.

Membership Secretary Toni Pugh-Thomas

BKKPS Membership, 659 Fulham Road, LONDON, SW6 5PY.

Newsletter Editor Rebecca Korb
Show Co-ordinator Sarah Sladen
Website Simon Whiteley
Other Committee Members Robyn Cumine, Valerie Warburton
Regional Rep Co-Ordinator Alan Jamieson

Regional Representatives

The regional reps are a network of volunteers who can provide help on a more local basis. They can help with anything from questions from first time pig owners, to help with the BKKPS breeding and registration rules.

Scottish Highlands Alan Jamieson
Scottish Lowlands & English Borders Evelyn Chelley
Northern England Emma Walkerdine
Wales Mathew Plumb
Central Robyn Hutley
East Rebecca Korb & Tim McLoughlin Click for Emails
South West Charlotte & Colin Daniels
South East Sarah Sladen
Ireland Niall Elliot

Phone Number

This number will redirect you to the appropriate committee member's home phone. If they are not available, leave a voicemail and they will contact you as soon as possible.

0845 489 5863