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To make it easier to register your pigs with the right colour, we have made a colour chart.

Decide which colour your pig is by checking the range on the chart, and then use the corresponding letters. In the case of black and white pig, when the main colour is black with white spots, you would have B/W, if the pig is white with black spots then it will be W/B. In the case of a pig that has three or more separate colours, the abreviations TRI will be used. NB It is common for piglets to have a variety of hairs of differing colours, but only piglets with 3 or more distinct areas of colour should be registered as 'TRI'.

If for any reason you are still not sure of the colour of your pig, then send a photograph to the registrar and it will be assessed for you.






This colour starts at white going up to pale buttercup.

Ginger/black GINGER/BLACK = G/B
Brown piglet BROWN = BR Black BLACK = B
Black and white BLACK /WHITE = B/W Gold Tip


This colour has a base coat of black or brown with gold tips to the end of the hair.


Ginger = G

A few flecks of black does not stop it being Ginger.

White and blackWHITE/BLACK = W/B
Tri colourTRI


This colour is for when there are three or more of the above colours in the coat.


Gold Tip
Gold Tip
Gold Tip
Gold Tip
Gold Tip
Gold Tip