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If the pedigree certificate and the ear tag in the pig do not match then the pig is not a pedigree.

BKKPS Breeders are required to ear tag all pedigree kunekune pigs with a DEFRA approved ear tag before they leave their birth holding. Breeders are also encouraged to ear tag all pigs who are not going to be registered. Purchasers should ask the breeder to ear tag all pigs before purchasing any stock.

The pedigree identification tag can either be a special BKKPS tag ordered by the breeder from Allflex, or a standard plastic DEFRA pig tag. Metal pig tags will not be allowed as a means of pedigree identification.

BKKPS Ear TagsBKKPS Ear Tags

DEFRA Ear TagsDEFRA Ear Tags

The BKKPS encourages the use of the special BKKPS tags supplied by Allflex with the BKKPS logo on them, but other tags are acceptable. In the UK the tag number will be in the format: UKAB1234-0001. The identification rules vary in other countries and any format is acceptable so long as the tag:

  • identifies your herd.
  • has a unique number for the pig.
  • is ‘standard’ in your country.

When completing the pedigree registration form for a pig, remember to carefully complete the tag details. The registrar will then send the pedigree certificate out as normal to the new owner.

You may see pedigree kunekunes with the old style green BKKPS tags. These are still acceptable in older pigs and do not need to be replaced with the new style of tag.

Main points:

  • If the pedigree certificate and the ear tag in the pig do not match then the pedigree registration is not valid and the pig is not a pedigree.
  • Order a supply of ear tags now before breeding. Use the order form here.
  • Only use BKKPS tags on birth notified pigs.
  • Tag all pigs before they leave your holding.
  • Remember to carefully put the unique tag details on the pedigree registration form.
  • Ask for any piglet you buy to be tagged - if the breeder refuses then buy elsewhere.
  • Information and forms are available to download on the member's website.

From 1st April 2014 the BKKPS stopped supplying ear tags for pedigree registered pigs.

The main reason for this change is that posting tags in small numbers was becoming increasingly uneconomic and also to ensure all registered pigs to be tagged before they leave the breeder’s holding - rather than leaving this responsibility to the new owner.