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Welcome to the growing number of Kunekune pig enthusiasts. If you have not done so already, I would like to offer you the opportunity to join The British Kunekune Pig Society. Membership is open to you wherever you are in the world, and we welcome members who just share our love of kunekune pigs and who do not currently own any.

As a member, you will receive the Society's help and advice, full access to the members website, the BKKPS newsletter in the post four times a year, access to Society shows & events and a place to attend and vote at the AGM.

kunekune pig show

The newsletter is a quality colour publication that will keep you informed about all matters kunekune related - breeding, new members, tips and hints for successful Kunekune pig keeping, show reports and members' experiences. All members are invited to contribute to the newsletter.

If you are planning to breed pedigree Kunekune pigs, it is essential to join the Society, as only BKKPS members can birth notify and register pedigree Kunekune pigs. Membership also entitles you to a place on our stock list, which is sent to anybody enquiring about Kunekune pigs, a listing on the website for your herd & litters, access to the society's information and lineage of every pedigree kunekune going back over 20 years to when they were first brought into the UK.

If you wish to join the BKKPS, please do so online. You can either pay by credit card, Paypal or by posting a cheque,



If you have a friend who cannot join online, please print out this form for them: