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Genetic Diversity Assistance (GDA) Programme

Genetic Diversity Assistance (GDA) Programme

What is the GDA Program?

  • The GDA is a financial allowance to be given to British Kunekune Pig Society members to encourage the genetic diversity & geographical spread Kunekune pig bloodlines within the UK & Ireland.
  • The GDA encourages the society’s members to travel for genetic diversity, utilising the stud advisor tool within the cloud-lines package.
  • Encourages a good genetic selection
  • Encourages new breeders and an enhanced network of communication.
  • Creating positive and direct communication with the Committee and/or Regional Representative.

What is Required?

  • A Kunekune Pig breeder is willing to travel either (in one direction);
    • over two hours or
    • 120 miles
  • Introduce an uncommon bloodline into your region
  • Both parties (Buyer and Seller) have to be active members of the British Kunekune Pig Society
  • Purchased pigs must adhere to breed standard
  • Ensure pedigree details of all currently owned registered stock are up to date on Cloud-Lines
  • Ensure pedigree details of all future registered stock are up to date on Cloud-Lines
  • Provide photos and/or video (including identification i.e tag) of the proposed stock if requested
  • Utilise the Stud Advisor tool within the herd book (preference will be given to pigs showing green)

How much is the Genetic Spread allowance?

  • The allowance of up to £150.00 will be awarded after the successful transition and
    movements of the Kunekune Pig is confirmed and verified by the society
  • Each case will be assessed case by case by the committee, a proposed level of financial assistance will be given.

Why are we doing this?

  • The achievements will be tenfold as we hope to see a steady increase in our
    bloodlines diversity and to populate designated regions that may not otherwise have a particular bloodline.
  • The objective of this project is to encourage a good genetic selection. To encourage
    new breeders and to encourage a network of communication for the members of our society. To also encourage communication with the committee & Regional Representatives.

How do I apply?

To apply you need to submit an application form. Please note that application does not guarantee qualification for the award, applications are reviewed on an individual basis by the committee.