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The BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme

The BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme (BPMS) aims to promote and support members raising pedigree and selling Kunekune for meat.

The BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme

The BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme (BPMS) aims to promote and support members raising pedigree and selling Kunekune for meat.

The BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme (BPMS) is for members of the British Kunekune Pig Society. The society promotes the use of pedigree pigs for meat production. 

Meat from our breeders is created from outdoor reared pigs. Kunekune pigs take longer to mature, hence creating meat and fat to give pork of an outstanding depth of flavour. The pork is darker in colour due to the natural slower development of muscle and the movement of the pig from foraging. These pigs are able to express normal behaviour, grazing outdoors on grass and forestry and are ideally suited to outdoor living. This gives the pigs a much better immune system and they are less likely to suffer from disease unlike commercially farmed pork which are kept indoors throughout their life and routinely need antibiotics.

What membership of the meat scheme offers our members:

  • Members are able to join the Pedigree meat scheme at no additional cost on top of the society membership fee.
  • The BKKPS actively promote the kunekune breed as a meat pig.
  • Contact details of members are made available to buyers of meat pigs or pork through the BKKPS website.
  • Members are given up to date information on feeding, grass management, rearing methods, processing, killing out percentages, butchery and charcuterie.
  • Members are given access to area representatives for help and advice as well as contact details of other producer members.
  • Members are able to print off meat certificates with animal identification to give proof of pedigree breeding in their meat pigs.

The pledge of BKKPS Pedigree Meat Scheme members:

  • All pigs reared for meat have been bred from registered pedigree parents and have been birth notified with the BKKPS.
  • Only sell pork from birth notified pigs in their ownership.
  • Meat labelling to comply with BKKPS Pork Provenance Code.
  • Keep accurate records of pedigrees, medicines, anthelmintic, feed and movement records.
  • Meat animals will be given access to outdoor living whenever possible and be able to exhibit natural behaviour.
  • Pigs reared for meat will be kept in groups of no less than two pigs.
  • Pigs will always throughout their life have access to food, water and shelter.
Purchasers of pedigree pork:
What is the consumer getting from buying pedigree pork from members of the scheme?
  • You are actively encouraging breeding of pedigree kunekune pigs which helps the breed survive and thrive.
  • Traceability – by purchasing from our members you are gaining total traceability of where your meat comes from and how it is reared with total confidence that the animal has had an exceptional life.
  • Health & Welfare – As our members only rear small numbers of pigs they know their stock individually and as such are able to know if something is wrong and give immediate treatment. Our members raise their pigs on pasture based systems so allowing the pigs to exhibit natural behaviour.
  • Nutrition – It is widely recognised that grass fed meat contains significant levels of omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamins A & E and the antioxidant beta-carotene.

Members of the scheme are listed here.

Members of the scheme are listed here. Please contact them directly to order or for more information. Our members may –

  • Sell meat occasionally or routinely.
  • Sell meat from the farm gate or direct from the butcher.
  • Sell meat via Mail Order.